Easy australian recipes for dinner?

From mom's shepherd's cake to creamy garlic shrimp and hearty veal rissoles, nothing beats these classic Australian dinners. Chicken rossoles with apricots, chicken pasta with baked French onion, the best carbonara and more. All your favorite classic Australian foods are here. Put a Thai green curry chicken inside a cake wrapper and you'll get the green curry variant of Australian recipes.

Although crocodile meat is eaten by locals, it's definitely more of a delicacy and not a widespread traditional Australian meal. Traditional Australian food has nothing more Australian than a meat sandwich with pineapple, beetroot, lettuce and smoked barbecue sauce. And ANZAC Day, April 25, 1915, is Australia's most important national occasion each year, and marks the anniversary of the first major military action waged by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War. The crunchy flavor of Anzac cookies dates back to the roots of when they were invented, by the wives of soldiers who needed a cookie recipe that would stay fresh for the months it would take to reach soldiers abroad in the early 1900s.

The perfect and hearty Australian winter food that could be said to be of British origin, pea and ham soup is a simple offering that has been served in country house kitchens for decades. While meat is an essential part of the Australian diet due to Australia's strong agricultural economy, more and more vegetarian eating habits are becoming commonplace. Australians claim ownership of the multi-layered dough filled with vanilla cream sprinkled with icing sugar. The Australian potato oven or potato casserole is an Australian food that you'll usually find along with freshly grilled lamb chops and lamb chops at a family barbecue.

The Pie Floater is one of the unique Australian recipes, which is essentially a quality meatloaf placed face down in a bowl and then topped with a ladle of hot and preferably thick pea and ham soup, simple as that. You'll find Australian recipes left over from Britain's original settlers along with those from prison ships. The unique blend of exclusive condiments found in Jimmy Dean Premium pork sausage makes it the perfect sausage to add this Australian recipe to the list. We use less sugar in this recipe compared to traditional Weetabix slices, and brown sugar instead of white for a more caramelized flavor.

These old school recipes are as full of flavor as grandma's classic recipes, making Australian dinners like chicken and apricot, slow-roasted lamb thighs, curry sausages and more. Traditional Australian sausages are usually pork or veal, but if you're feeling adventurous, there are other animals to try.

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