Native australian foods recipes?

Add potatoes, Warrigal vegetables, salt and mix well. These premium quality pink salt flakes, par excellence Australian, are produced from an ancient inland aquifer and are Australia's only natural pink salt. Kylie Kwong uses everything from warrior vegetables to wallabies in her Chinese dishes, while Ben Shewry from Attica also shows native foods on his ingenious menus. Subscribe to Gourmet Traveller, your trusted and authoritative source for getting the best in food, wine and travel.

Flavoured salt To bring native Australian flavors to any meal, keep a homemade flavored salt mix in your pantry. What I don't like about Warrigal vegetables is spinach from Australia, which grows abundantly from seeds almost anywhere in Australia and goes well with other native shrub foods and major staple foods. Go local with these recipes that show the unique richness and diversity of Australia's native ingredients. Probably my favorite shrub, the samphire is a succulent plant that grows along rocky cliffs along the entire Australian coast.

I hope these recipes will inspire you to cook during NAIDOC Week and beyond: Nagi Maehashi, a wild animal food enthusiast and the driving force behind RecipeTin Eats.

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