Which city in australia has the best food?

Melbourne is world-renowned for its coffee culture and multicultural cuisine. With the largest number of cafes and restaurants, Melbourne is Australia's best city to eat, especially freshly prepared food from around the world, in your favorite format. Sydney Perched on the Tasman Sea, this city has virtually no shortage of seafood. This winning combination of fresh seafood and tasty produce makes Sydney a foodie's paradise.

Modern Thai cuisine sets Sydney apart from all other cities. Chefs in Sydney have turned the omnipresent Thai food into something great. Like any gourmet restaurant in need of inspired chefs, Sydney has some of the best. Tetsuya Wakuda is the best in fusion, Neil Thompson is the best in Australian cuisine and David Thompson is known for Thai food.

It's clear that Sydney cuisine is inspired by the whole world. Built in 1847 to house an elementary school, the Quality Hotel Colonial Launceston offers an atmospheric stay in a fabulous heritage setting. Book at least one night during your stay to enjoy an excellent value for money dinner at Three Steps On George, the hotel's restaurant. Adelaide's mega-food festival Tasting Australia is held once a year, but any time is a good time to try the excellent food scene in the capital of South Australia.

Whether it's breakfast, an Australian outdoor dinner, or just a cup of coffee, there are countless unique places to enjoy your meal. Choice Hotels has everything you need in Australia with a great range of accommodation options to suit all budgets. But in the past two years, the only Australian venue to do so has been Melbourne's Attica (with 32 in both years). With numerous food tours through Australian cities, it will be easy for you to learn all the details about Australian cuisine.

In an exhaustive study of 100 of the world's top dining destinations, the capital of South Australia ranked higher than the country's most populous city, Sydney. A South Australian dining experience can't be complete without a visit to Adelaide's famous Central Market, which is essentially Adelaide's foodie paradise. The city is full of top-notch dining options, but two you can't miss are Africola, in the East End, which offers sensational South African-inspired food, and the elegant Press* Food and Wine, on Waymouth Street, for shared modern Australian dishes. Get your Australian visa today and start your gourmet journey that will include exploring cosmopolitan Australia and enjoying some of Australia's best restaurants and cuisines.

The southwest corner of Western Australia is as fertile as it seems, and practically everything grows or grazes here with pleasure. Make your first stop at Adelaide's venerable Central Market, where you can travel the world savoring a market tour with Food Tours Australia.

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