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Who magazine is Australia's leading celebrity news publication with 26% human interest. With the latest food and beverage news, 26% tips, straight from the source. In the opening issue of Food %26 Wine, legendary chef Jacques Pépin shared his recipe for the perfect souffle. The attached text asked, why their amazing mystique? Popular mythology has banished them to the fine Olympus from personal valets and private planes.

Why does the idea of making one turn intrepid kitchen lions into cowardly lambs? Pépin, who had recently published his volume of French cuisine, La Technique, and who would become one of the best contributing editors of Food %26 Wine, was the perfect candidate to teach readers about imposing soufflés, with golden and aromatic ceilings, giving detailed instructions on everything from the preparation of the mold and the collar to beat the eggs properly. This ethereal recipe is as good today as it was in 1978, proving that some dishes are simply timeless. Critics and diners were delighted with Danny Meyer's devoted attention to hospitality and couldn't get enough of chef Michael Romano's extraordinary Italian-American cuisine, focusing on the green market. Before becoming a food star on television, Emeril Lagasse became famous as the chef of the legendary Commander's Palace in New Orleans, arguably the city's best restaurant at the time.

This version is by Paul Chung, a self-taught chef of Jamaican Chinese origin who worked in the mailroom of Food %26 Wine. Soltner described the food of his native Alsace as based on very good dry white wines and wonderful regional products. And in fact, since he was named F%26W's best new chef in 2002, the chef has brought dozens of super tasty and intelligent updates on Southern classics to the magazine. Craig Claiborne, restaurant critic for the New York Times and one of the leading food journalists of the time, shared his extraordinary chocolate mousse, which could be reliably prepared without tremendous effort.

Among the first was Heidi Swanson, who began writing her wonderful vegetarian food blog, 101 Cookbooks, in 2003.In February 1979, Paula Wolfert wrote an article about great Alsace chefs who cooked their mothers' food. Justin Chapple, culinary director of F%26W, launched his Mad Genius platform to introduce the F%26W audience with intelligent and fun gastronomic tricks. Tina Ujlaki, former executive food editor, recalls that even though the technique mattered to Hazan, flavor surpassed everything. To do so, Ted Allen, TV personality and Food Network host, sautéed sweet grape-like tomatoes with capers, shallots and cumin, and then put the bright, sliced sauce on top of salmon steaks crunchy.

Long before rice bowls were popular, cookbook author and Japanese food expert Elizabeth Andoh taught readers how to make donburi an informal meat and vegetable dish served over rice as a complete meal. Every month, the digital editions of Olive magazine present inspiring seasonal recipes, from lighter ideas for everyday life to simple recipes from around the world and inspiration for baking.

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